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Hi, I'm Matt Wimmer


I do photography.

( Weddings, Products, Architecture,
Environmental and Offbeat Portraits,
Fine Art, Landscape, Nature,
Professional Instruction & Consulting

I have a long history of shutterbuggery (hush now!)
dating back to my 5th birthday Kodak X15 Instamatic.
I've slowly and methodically moved my way from snapshots
to obsessive chicken & dog pictures to a BFA in Photography.
I've worked in high-end camera sales and am 100% comfortable
With ALL major camera systems (and some not-so-major).

I'm a photography geek with a penchant for verité
and multiple photography awards under my belt
I enjoy documenting the world around me as I see it.

These Days I work primarily in digital with the Sony Alpha a900
I can take your picture, take a picture for you, or show you how to take pictures.
I can modify a picture in Photoshop, manage color, or instruct you how to.
I can even give you advice on which photographic tools will best meet your needs!